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The most common way of tracking customers in your online store is using browser cookies. These browser cookies are referred to as non-essential cookies and must be limited in use until consent is given by the customer.

Features for limit the tracking data

Shopify offers a feature to limit the tracking of data called Limit tracking for customers. This feature limits Shopify’s tracking of online store customers and notifies any third-party apps that you have installed in your store to limit their tracking. You can enable it for customers in Europe (GDPR) & the state of California (CCPA) by going to Online Store -> Preferences -> Customer Privacy.

For customers in Europe

For customers in California

Below you can find the changes that will occur when you select one of these two options:

  • Shopify provides a consent tracking API for integration, as they can't control if a third-party app or script tracks customers. We have integrated this consent tracking API into our GDPR/CCPA app. Once the page is loaded and the cookies are initially blocked by Shopify, each customer has the option to opt-in or opt-out of the different cookie groups. When the Limit tracking for customers is disabled, all the cookies will be fired as usual, including the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. As you can see the Pixel helper is counting the pixels, which are set currently. Also, the default cookies from Shopify are set as persistent cookies, not as session ones.

  • When the Limit tracking for customers options is enabled the Pixel Helper is not showing any pixels currently firing. This blocking is coming additionally from Shopify. The default cookies are set as session ones, and they will be deleted as soon as the customer closes his browser.

You should know that consent tracking API has some limitations. For example, in our app, you can choose which cookies to block, either Facebook Pixel ones or Google Analytics ones. However, Shopify doesn't offer this option, so if a customer decides to accept only the Marketing cookies, and leave the Analytics checked, the Facebook Pixel (being part of the Marketing cookie group), will not be fired.

Check our FAQ page if you have any additional questions or contact us via chat or email.

If you still don’t use our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management  app don’t think twice download it now.

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