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A beautiful website with an awesome user experience, running all smoothly, offering the best merchandize money can buy at a killer price with all payment methods supported to the right audience.  Surely, the picture painted highlights the honeycomb of a designated e-commerce store. Add mobile and tablet support and it is just as good as it gets. As a store owner you would want to ensure that all of your website visitors have the privilege of browsing through your cool store while maintaining the outlook and its original functionality. Creating a successful e-commerce store from scratch is surely not a walk in the park, but making sure it is viewed the same way you intended, especially under old and obsolete browsers, is sure a tough nut to crack. In this article I will show you an easy solution that will safeguard you from any lost conversion due to a broken website under obsolete browsers.

Meet BrowserSupportCheck

BrowserSupportCheck detects when a customer is trying to access your website using an old and obsolete browser. Once the web store visitor enters the website they view a message saying that they are running an unsupported browser version and gives an easy choice to upgrade to a supported browser. Messages are multilingual and customizable, so you can use your imagination.

List of Unsupported Browsers

Nowadays modern browsers feature automatic updates. This means that all updates get going on the background while the person on the computer does not really realize that their browser has been updated. Unlike new browsers, old and obsolete browsers do not offer this feature, so people using them might not be aware why websites seem broken, which only takes away from their pleasure of surfing the web. BrowserSupportCheck provides a detection tool, which notifies anybody visiting your website with an obsolete browser. BrowserSupportCheck also suggests a replacement and gives an easy access to a new version download. Here is how you can set it up:

Smart Continue Anyway

Now that your store visitor is sitting on the gates of your website and is given the information about their unsupported browser version, they still can take a peak and view your website. Sure if your website looks disastrous under IE 6 you don’t want your store visitors spending more than 5 seconds to realize this. BrowserSupportCheck provides you a simple solution addressing this problem. You are able to set time allowed on site running the obsolete browser. Soon after the set time expires, the customer will be returned to the initial page, so they can reconsider updating their browser.

Multilingual Message

If you are a company running a business in more than one language, BrowserSupportCheck will make it easy for your to convey your message in all supported languages. In this way, customers in France will be viewing the message in French, whereas Brazilians, Spanish, English, Russian customers in their own mother tongues. Think local, act global.


Your website is the eyes your web store visitors see you through. Even if your website is awesome and you have invested time, money and determination to tailor it in this way, an obsolete browser can put all of your efforts on hold. Securing your website from obsolete browsers informs your customers of potential viewing distortions at an early stage and thus saves them from leaving disappointed.

Test-drive BrowserSupportCheck, help an user update their browser today:

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