Best budget OpenCart extensions to grow your business

From payment gateways to analytics tools, shipping modules to language modifiers, the OpenCart Extension Directory is packed with integrations that empower your online business, or maybe just make day-to-day business functions run a little smoother. At the time of this article, the OpenCart Extension Directory has over 16,000 extensions to choose from, not only making the search tedious, but intimidating. 

What’s the point of an OpenCart extension anyways? Is it wise to simply go through the most popular ones and implement them all on your online store? 

The answer is no. 

Although these extensions offer powerful functionality, it’s similar to installing way too many apps on your iPhone. This just clutters your interface, slows down your phone, takes up precious storage space and leaves you to only using a handful of the apps. 

The main goal with OpenCart extensions is to locate and use the ones that truly help grow your business. These are the extensions that are proven to bring in more customers, convert those customers and create further interaction with those customers down the road. 

The goal is to make more money by implementing just a few carefully selected extensions that will push you to your online business goals. That said, keep reading to learn about the best OpenCart extensions to grow your business. 

Facebook Shop

The Facebook Shop extension is one of those options that lets you branch out to find additional revenue streams. The idea is to import your current store into Facebook, so you can sell those exact same products without having to import them one by one. 

The extension offers a beautiful layout for your Facebook followers to browse and purchase through a medium they are most comfortable with. Not only that, but since people in general are going to spend much more time on Facebook than they are on your website, it opens up the opportunity for exposure and sending more traffic to your site. 

GoToMeeting for OpenCart

A huge part of growing your business is reaching out to new employees and business partners. Unfortunately, with an online business, many of these people are working far away, or you just don’t have the time to speak with them in person.

That’s where the free GoToMeeting extension comes into play. View expressions, and host meetings with numerous people, directly through your OpenCart site. The idea is to configure a GoToMeeting widget button in your sidebar to provide quick access for partners, customers, clients and employees. 

Mailchimp Custom Popup Subscription for OpenCart

This premium extension goes for $16, but it’s certainly worth it, considering you must start building an email list if you plan on growing your business. 

The extension reveals a popup on your website, prompting users to type in their email addresses. The cool part is that it links directly to your MailChimp account, bringing you the perfect integration for sending out promotions and newsletters. 

Not only that, but the extension lets you place videos in the popups, and you can customize the design to fit your own brand. 


The ShareThis extension is one of the more simple options you will find on this list, or the entire OpenCart directory for that matter. Although it may seem like something you can pass up, you should never underestimate the power of social sharing for your eCommerce seo.

The extension assists in boosting traffic, because when a customer finds something they like on your website, they can then share it on Twitter, Facebook or whatever social platform they like best. It even supports RSS feeds and YouTube.

Zopim Live Chat

A live chat module serves as a wonderful way to start treating your customers well, and although there are also several other live chat solutions to choose from, the Zopim developers really know what they are doing. 

In short, the extension reveals a popup box, showing your customers that you are willing to guide them through their shopping experience. If they have any questions you can reply to them from the comfort of your mobile device or computer. It even gives you details on the customers who are currently on your website. 

Yotpo Product Reviews

Social credibility is a powerful motivator, and in order to improve your sales you can quickly implement an extension like Yotpo Product Reviews. The module provides an area below your products where users can tell other people what they think about the item. 

A full ratings and review system is included, giving you a valuable feedback mechanism, and a way to steer customers towards the items that are considered most popular. After all, consumers are more likely to buy from you when other people are doing it too. 

Magic Slideshow

On its surface, the Magic Slideshow extension may just seem like a way to show off some cool photos, but don’t confuse this as another clutter-making extension. In order to grow your business you not only need to discover your best selling products, but guide your customers to them immediately.

That’s what a slideshow does. It also allows for a clear gateway into promotional pages and other specials you may have on your site. The overall idea is to bring full attention to the pages and products you make the most money from. 

OpenCart Canonical URLs SEO Extension

Although it has improved over the years, the OpenCart SEO tools have never had the best of reputation. 

Not to worry though, since the OpenCart Canonical Tags extension is here to help you out. The extension sells for $5, and it’s the best five bucks you’ll spend, considering people find your website and pay you money based on your search results. 

If you don’t show up high in Google rankings, you can’t expect to expand your business. Therefore, the Canonical Tags extension adds these tags to your homepage and category pages, drastically improving your exposure to search engines. It also has a few features that prevent URL duplication, along with a tool for solving SEO problems if a product is in multiple categories. 

Attributes Filters for OpenCart

Focusing on search engines is a wise plan for growing your online business, but don’t forget about the customer experience. The Attributes Filters extension improves the speed and ease in which your customer can make a purchase, since it helps you generate filters.

The extension assists in cutting down on the time it takes you to make these filters, and your customers are more likely to locate the product they want in a shorter time when they have little checkboxes to get them there. As a bonus, search engines also recognize that you have a useful filtering system, further pushing you up the search engine rankings. 

That’s it for the best OpenCart extensions for growing your business. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions or suggestions for other online business owners. 


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