Because Your Opinion Matters! Introducing iSenseLabs Testimonials

One of our newest additions to iSenseLabs is our brand new Customer Testimonials corner. It’s a place where all the love from our customers is showcased. We appreciate the kind words of every client who has shared their thoughts about our work and wanted to share them with you.

Each Customer is an Achievement

Over the years, we have been receiving a lot of feedback for our products and services. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes we get advice on how we can improve, and other times it’s pretty amazing.

This is incredibly important to our team because it helps us grow and makes us strive to outperform ourselves.

I have purchased modules from iSenseLabs and found all of them great. I had customised them according to my store requirement with the prompt support provided by your team. I wish your team congratulation and looking for more great modules that could improve my sales.

- Naman Garg, CEO,

Every testimonial we receive from a customer makes us special. It shows that our work has been so useful for them, that they took the time from their busy schedule and wrote us a few kind words to let us know we are appreciated.

And that matters more than you think.

Your Opinion Matters More than You Think

Getting positive or constructive feedback is equally helpful. When a customer shares a good experience we’re happy and encouraged. It might be surprising but constructive criticism is even more important for us. Once we get a hundred reviews that are positive and this one that is negative, it really leads us to pondering how we can improve.

I’m so happy that I found iSenseLabs! I really needed to update my OpenCart store and found many amazing modules to improve the customer experience on my site. The modules are very easy to install and the support is outstanding. I’ve now found a great partner to improve my site step by step.

- Anders Pettersson, Owner,

All Our Client’s Love in One Place

We created a new page where we have collected the kind words of our customers. Our team is very proud of the impact we make for so many business owners, so we wanted to share the love with everyone.

I am a small business owner. After a couple of modules I have to say this: Very nice support! They don’t stop until my problem is fixed. I really feel that they go into depths of my issues and are not hasty in their replies. They listen. Overall I am very happy with iSenseLabs and only buy modules from them.

- Martin Libossart, Owner,

Did Our Product Make a Difference for You?

Have you used any of our products or worked with our team on a project for your OpenCart store? Would you say that our work made a difference for your business and had a positive effect on your traffic and sales? Do you also have any feedback that might make us better?

As our web traffic increased and we had over 1000 products loaded ( we experience a website that become slower and slower by the day. We tried to optimize but still customers complained of a sluggish and sometimes even non responsive website. We started losing customers and were desperate. We contact iSenseLabs and they suggested using NitroPack. We were "amaaaaaazed" by the speed increase. Installation was easy. We asked iSenseLabs to looked at our server settings and the support was great ! Well done this is a great product for any store owner using OpenCart.

- Johan Conradie, iSenseLabs User

Over to you

We would love to hear what you think of our solutions! Because knowing we helped you makes a difference for us. Simply use the button below and send us an email with your feedback. We are eager to learn what you think!

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