AbandonedCarts 5: How to Stop Your OpenCart Store From Leaking Money

Statistically speaking, you have probably been getting a lot of abandoned carts in your OpenCart store. Not everyone checks out with their cart, which always brings a frown to every marketer, conversion expert and business owner. Each decision you make and implement in your site affects the conversion rates of your E-Commerce store.

Sadly, those tendencies will not just change on their own without a little push from external factors. Maybe you can try start a marketing campaign over social media or run a promotion with discounted prices or product bundles.

Whatever you decide to do, remember this:

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” - Bill Gates

Using Email Reminders about Forgotten Products

One of the most popular methods for remarketing and bringing back lost customers is creating an email campaign. If a user has reached the checkout page, you already have their email address.

You can use that to send them a notification that they have forgot the products in their cart and remind them what they are missing out on.

SaleCycle made some research and one of the most useful finds was that nearly half of abandoned cart emails are opened. This means that there is a lot of potential in sending out reminders to your customers via email about their carts.

However, doing this manually is not a good idea of course.

You need an automation tool that can save you time from sending out emails individually and waiting for a customer to leave their cart. This way, you hit two birds with one stone:

  • You save time from sending out emails and tracking when a customer will abandon their cart;

  • Your store will automatically send the notifications to bring back the revenue from the abandoned carts.

AbandonedCarts is a tool that is designed to do just that, with lots of other new and powerful features.

Cart Abandonment Solution

Recently the module got its latest 5.0 update with a lot more functionality and potential that adds much more value.

What's new for OpenCart store owners?

OpenCart Store Management

Automatic Free Shipping

If you want to offer a "Free Shipping" hook, it can now be automatically set for the generated coupons from the extension. First, enable the Type of Discount from the Mail Template tab and then select Yes on Free Shipping.

Customer Login

There is a new “Customer Login” option that is required for the generated coupon to be valid. This way, only a user with an active account in your OpenCart store will be able to use the coupon.

Third-Party Checkout Fix

This feature is useful if your store has a custom checkout module, which may have a special success page after the order is confirmed.

These pages do not contain full information about the orders and prevent AbandonedCarts from removing the abandoned record from the module. This can result in emails sent to some of your customers for abandoned carts, even if they actually confirmed their order.

Enabling the Third-Party Checkout Fix resolves this issue.

Show Widget in the Shop's Dashboard

Shows a widget, similar to the default ones in the dashboard page, displaying the number of the abandoned carts in your store

Show Link in the OpenCart's Main Menu

You can now have an individual menu for AbandonedCarts in the main OpenCart admin panel. The menu will display the number of abandoned carts in your store. You can choose between enabling or disabling the menu in the admin panel.

Order Total

A feature that was desired by many OpenCart store owners for some time is now reality - quantity and price fields for each incomplete order record in the Abandoned Carts view.

Receive Notification Email

The store admin email can receive an email notification every time when the CRON is executed, notifying the owner how many emails were sent with it.

CRON FAQ Section

One of the most important additions - an FAQ section for the CRON jobs. Now you can get answers on all of the frequently asked questions about setting up the times when the emails will be sent directly from the Control Panel of AbandonedCarts.

How to setup the CRON to execute more than once a day?

We added a detailed guide showing each step for setting up the CRON job to run more than once a day. This is part of the newly added CRON FAQ section.

More New Cool Stuff

The new features are far from over. We focused on making improvements that will ease the work of administrators even more, add compatibility updates for seamless integration, and changes to the interface.

  • Compatibility with CloudFlare

  • Redesigned Admin Panel

  • Better Compatibility with OpenCart

  • Better Multi-Store Compatibility

  • Improved Helper Texts on the Settings

  • Fixes for the Statistics Tab

  • Fixed CRON Job Auto-Adding Feature

  • Fixed "Apply Taxes" to Work on OpenCart

  • Fixed the Following Issue - "When somebody already ordered, it does not create new abandoned cart record for the same session"

What's new for the developers?

Text Strings Collection in a Language File

This makes the module fully translatable to different languages and makes each aspect of AbandonedCarts completely multilingual.

Combined JavaScript File

95% of the inline JavaScript is collected in a single JS file for better maintaining of the code & debugging. Combined JavaScript files also help for faster page loading.

Code Refactoring

We decided to improve the code quality even further by refactoring it to a shorter and more efficient size. This means that the functionality of the module is improved by using less, but more effective code. The OCmod methods were also refactored for smoother performance and compatibility.


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