5K merchants using our GDPR app for Shopify

We released our app back in July 2019 and here we are, 7 months later, having 5000 merchants using our solution. We are extremely happy and grateful for all the people who had and still have trust in our service and decided to go with us in order to be GDPR/CCPA Compliant.

Here is what we have done so far: 

Customer Features 

  • Edit customer account (store admin will be notified by email)
  • GDPR/CCPA requests
  • Data portability
  • Cookie consent bar (with a link to your policy)
  • Track policy acceptances
  • The bar is optimized for responsive designs
  • Compatible with both registered and guest visitors
  • Show the bar to everyone, just EU + CCPA visitors, only EU or only CCPA visitors
  • The customers can decide for themselves which cookies to be used or not.
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Emails & GDPR pages translated in English, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Slovenian (write us for more)
  • Active Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel Blocking (check help center)

Data Portability

  • Export/View GDPR requests
  • Export/View personal information/addresses
  • Export/View orders
  • Request a report (access to personal data)
  • Right to be forgotten

Admin Features

  • Cookie bar customization options (change colors, position, buttons, texts...)
  • GDPR requests log
  • Policy acceptances log
  • Deletion requests log
  • Edit your GDPR page with the built-in text editor in your store
  • Help center

Premium Features

  • Customize your email messages
  • Customize your GDPR/CCPA request pages
  • Cookie scanner - get a list with the cookies your store creates
  • Reset customer consent and show the bar again
  • Set a custom sender for your emails
  • Priority support and feature requests

Here is what is yet to come in early-mid 2020

Upcoming Features in the Free Plan:

  • Ability to track Cookie Consent Details
  • Ability to track clicks on the Close/Cancel button event
  • Add an option to set the behavior when the "Accept" button is clicked - Right now, if the user clicks on "Accept" without editing their cookie preferences, all of the store cookies would be accepted, regardless of the initial state settings.
  • Add option to hide the "Close" button on Cookie Bar
  • Multi-lingual admin feature
  • CCPA dedicated page as the one that we already have for GDPR

Upcoming Features in the Paid Plan:

  • Change the language of the bar based on the visitor's browser settings
  • Cookie Bar or Popup choices - The ability to choose in the Cookie Consent Bar tab whether you want to display a Cookie bar or a PopUp for the whole page. Additional features would be the ability to: Manage font sizes, Display/Hide option for mobile + much more... 


What to get your hands on our app? You can check it below: 

GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management

Get App View Demo

If you have any questions, comments, or you simply want to add some more feature suggestions, please write them down in the comments. 


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