5 Reasons to Integrate Amazon Pay in Your OpenCart Store

The way your customers purchase items online is evolving. They expect a simple, convenient, trusted buying experience on your site.

Amazon Pay makes it easier for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to quickly check-in and check out on your site using the information already stored in their Amazon accounts.

Here are five reasons to integrate Amazon Pay now:

1. Activate the Amazon customer

Amazon Pay extends the trusted experience Amazon customers have come to enjoy, through thousands of websites around the world.

Amazon Pay offers merchants an easier way to connect to 300+ million active Amazon customer accounts (1), including 100 million prime customers (2) transacting in +170 countries (3). Leverage this expanded network to help build customer engagement and loyalty.

"Amazon Pay is helping us expand our online business and capture more customers. It is a critical piece of our online growth strategy."

- Dennis Kopitz, Director of E-commerce, Shinola

2. Offer a fast & easy checkout

Shoppers don’t want to create another site account. In fact, 37% of customers cited this as a key reason for site abandonment in a survey by Baymard Institute (4).

Amazon enables customers to purchase products on your website using their Amazon login credentials — avoiding the hassle of typing credit card details or creating an account.

3. Lead the way in connected commerce

With the adoption of voice for multiple retail scenarios, Amazon Pay is helping businesses adapt to the expectations of today’s connected shoppers with Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills.

By embracing voice commerce, today’s merchants can take convenience to the next level, exceeding customer’s expectations in an age where personalized, seamless experiences are what makes the difference.

"Amazon Pay enables us to provide a really elegant digital experience that ensures our customers come to us again and again."

- Rich Ascott, Global Digital Director, AllSaints

4. Help improve sales

Amazon Pay enables merchants to boost revenue by converting valuable Amazon customers.

Providing your customers with trusted, convenient experience, a one familiar login to identify themselves can help increase conversions & lower cart abandonment (5).

For example, Jomashop experienced 20% higher average order values than leading alternative payment solutions. “Customers recognize the Amazon name, which makes them feel more comfortable making purchases on our site,” says Osher Karnowski, General Manager, Jomashop

5. Minimize costs 

Amazon Pay can reduce the costs for merchants and their customers. Merchants avoid setup costs, monthly fees and Amazon’s fraud detection and prevention technology helps reduce the risk of bad debt.

Meanwhile, customers feel more confident knowing their purchases are protected by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee at no additional cost.

"Since implementing Amazon Pay, we have experienced a 90% decline in fraudulent payment transactions versus some of our other payment methods."

- Berj Kacherian, President, AuthenticWatches.com

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Why not enjoy a break from fees this spring? Activate Amazon Pay before 26th March* and we’ll waive your processing fees for April, May and June. Find out more here.

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1 - Amazon data: Q4 2017. Active customer accounts, which are unique e-mail addresses, represent accounts that have placed an order during the preceding twelve months.
2 - Amazon data, 2018. Nearly half of Amazon Pay customers in 2017 are Prime members (global)
3 - Amazon Pay data, Q4 2017. Tens of millions of customers in more than 170 countries have used Amazon Pay to transact
4 - Checkout Optimization & Reducing Abandonments, Baymard Institute, 2017.
5 - Purple reported increased conversions of 76%. Soak&Sleep reported reduced cart abandonment of 67%.

Bonus Info

The Baymard Report Series: Why shoppers abandon carts

The Baymard Institute has spent the past 7 years and over 28,000 hours conducting U/X research around e-commerce usability— with the goal of understanding what makes shoppers put items in their cart, but then neglect to buy them. Cart abandonment, as it’s known, is a persistent problem for online retail: Baymard found that 69% of items that people add to their cart are never purchased, leading to about $260 million dollars in lost revenue.

Baymard’s research report, Checkout Optimization and Reducing Abandonments (2017), commissioned by Amazon Pay, identifies six ways businesses can improve their checkout experiences to combat cart abandonment: 

1. Form Field Optimization – The average online checkout contains twice as many forms as necessary – we’ll dive into specific ways retailers can streamline the process. 

2. Pre-Filled Form Fields – Pre-filling basic information like email, name, and zip code goes a long way to increasing checkout efficiency. We’ll show you where it makes sense, and how to implement it.

3. Security Concerns – Users need to trust retailers when they hand over their credit card information. We’ll discuss what you can do to ease those fears. 

4. Privacy Concerns – Asking for information like age and gender may help with marketing, but it can also stoke privacy fears. Learn how, and when, to ask for that kind of information. 

5. Forced Account Creation – Making a shopper create an account in order to check out is common practice, but it’s a significant driver of cart abandonment. 

6. 3rd Party Payments – 3rd party payment providers are starting to gain more traction, especially with overseas transactions.

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