5 OpenCart 3.x Compatible Modules to Help Your Sales Grow

Since OpenCart 3 was launched, we have observed a number of stores updating to the latest version.

The requests for compatible extensions came raining down as soon as the first stable release rolled out.

Of course, enabling OpenCart store owners to sell more is what iSenseLabs is all about, so our updates started coming out very soon after.

The question for entrepreneurs has always been the same - how to use OpenCart to sell more?

You will find hundreds of different tactics and advice all over the web, but today we decided to focus on essentials.

In this post, you will find 5 fundamental focus areas for improving in the new OpenCart and the 3.x compatible tools needed to do that.

What we’re focusing on is:

  • Web Performance

  • Usability

  • Marketing

‚Äč1. Boost Page Speed

Web performance is one of the first priorities of online sellers during the setup of their E-Commerce sites.

“40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” - (Source)

Page loading speed is a make-or-break factor for digital customers. Nobody likes or stays in slow sites.


In OpenCart, the caching solution that aims to skyrocket your website’s speed is called NitroPack.

Every second counts when it comes to page loading. NitroPack gives your OpenCart 3.x store a complete optimization framework that makes your page serve time up to 5,000 faster.

Apart from the instant boost in speed that your store will get, you also have a wide range of flexible settings that can tune NitroPack to work even better on your specific setup.

Test NitroPack Here

2. Start Selling on Facebook

Facebook is no longer just a great source for marketing and generating traffic. Your customers can now browse and purchase your products directly from your Facebook page.

“Conversion rates for Facebook stores are now on one level with E-Commerce sites ranging between 2 to 4%” - (Source)

You can create a simple shopping experience for customers and attract new users to view your products without even leading them to your OpenCart site.


Launch a Facebook Store in OpenCart 3.x by connecting your store with your account and displaying your products in a Shop tab on your page.

Setting up the store takes just a few clicks, after which your fans will be able to make purchases entirely from your Facebook page.

The way FacebookStore works is it displays your OpenCart products and lets customers finish their orders using the checkout process from your store within Facebook.

Test FacebookStore Here

3. Create Tempting Deals

Discounts and promotions convert a higher percentage of the traffic passing through your site.

“91% of customers who have used a coupon say they will visit the store again” - (Source)

They discourage customers from abandoning their carts and give them a reason to come back to your store.


With the hundreds of flexible deals you can create with Promotions for OpenCart 3.x, your customers will always have a reason to complete their purchase.

Your sales strategy needs to include discounts and promotions that give you advantage over the competitive pricing in your industry.

You can start with the most popular promotion types - fixed amount, percentage discount, and free shipping. When you begin generating some sales, you can start using the different conditions and actions for more elaborate promotions.

Test Promotions Here

4. Simplify the Checkout

Checkout usability may not be among the primary reasons for people to abandon their carts, but a checkout process that is easy to complete plays a major role in conversion rates.

“69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart without purchasing” - (Source)

A long checkout that requires users to create an account and enter the same information more than once is too much for modern online shoppers who demand more ease of use and less obstructions.

Ajax Quick Checkout

With Ajax Quick Checkout for OpenCart 3.x, you can customize the shopping experience for your customers substantially.

From disabling certain info fields and using social login, to customizing the layout and using different skins, this extension will let you create a simple and beautiful checkout for your store.

The default OpenCart checkout will be replaced with a single page process where customers will be able to enter just the info you require and finish their orders faster.

Test Ajax Quick Checkout Here

5. Bundle Discounts

Product bundles are a very effective way to satisfy your customers’ demand for more value.

“Product bundling is an effective way to attract high value buyers away from your competitors” - (Source)

They are also a great way for you to increase the average order size and amount in your OpenCart store by giving users a reason to order more products at once.


Product bundles are essentially two or more products offered together at a discounted price. In OpenCart 3.x, you can create those deals with ProductBundles.

The extension lets you create bundles like:

  • Entire product packages (products that go together or are dependent on each other)

  • Complementary product recommendations (relevant suggestions with products that complement each other)

The more relevant and accurate the products are, the bigger the chance that more customers will take advantage of the offer.

With ProductBundles, you can choose between a fixed amount or a percentage discount, add more than 2 products and select which products and categories should display the bundle.

Test ProductBundles Here


So, these are 5 of the most essential E-Commerce tactics for making more sales in your OpenCart 3.x shop. What you can try is to test them out in the demos and begin applying them one by one every other week. After that, we would love to hear which ones worked the best for you. Good luck!

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