3 Free OpenCart extensions compatible with OpenCart

OpenCart is one of the most feature rich eCommerce platforms out there, but users can always add more functionality by adding third party modules. This is not necessarily connected with additional expenses. With more than 3000 free OpenCart modules available it is easy to enhance your store’s performance when you are on a budget. In this article we will take closer look into 3 free extensions compatible to OpenCart 2.0.x - LoginToSeePrice, PreOrder and ErrorLog Manager.

1 LoginToSeePrice


LoginToSeePrice allows you to to hide the price of your products from non logged users. The extension replaces the default “Add to cart” button with customizable “Login to see price” button which will redirect users who are not logged or doesn’t have an account to the login/register page of your store. 

2 PreOrder


Ever wonder how companies like Apple and Amazon break sales records during the first days of the launching of their products? Well, they have been doing the same trick over and over again - Pre order campaigns. PreOrder lets you do just that. The module will let your customers order products which are currently not in stock by replacing the default “Add to cart button” with customizable “Pre-order” one. It also keeps statistics for the most pre-ordered products so you know, which are the most desired products.

3. ErrorLogManager


If you are an OpenCart store owner you are most probably  aware of the default Error log feature which the platform offers. Yes it logs all of the errors, but most of the time things are really messy and hard to understand. ErrorLog Manager is a clever extension which solves this problem. The module will give you a nice, organised listing with all the unique errors and how many times each one has occured. You have the option to preview the code, where the error has been detected as well as filter all the errors by date.

If you find this article interesting, you might want to check the rest of the free modules here: https://isenselabs.com/products

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