2020 GDPR/CCPA Shopify app recap

One step away from 2021, we are thrilled to share that our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app hit 10k merchants. Your appreciation and trust are greatly valued. We will do our best to make your experience with our app even better.

What we have done this year:

January started with some huge stability and performance improvements. We reduced the loading speed and enriched our FAQ section. We now have a detailed Help Center with useful information that will facilitate your experience with the app. Also, we added a search bar, which for sure has made the UX far more comfortable.

In case you have visitors from around the world, and the law doesn't require a cookie bar in their countries, you can enable the Cookie bar for Specific Regions feature.

Our Premium users were able to enjoy the new Cookie scanner. It helps to extract all the cookies that your store creates. Reset Customer Consent is a useful feature when you make changes to your store policy. Visitors that come to your store should accept your newly updated policy, and by using this feature, this can be done effortlessly. Activate it with just one click, and you are good to go.

In February, 7 months after the release, we hit 5k merchants. We strived to work harder and give you the best GDPR/CCPA solution. Based on the received feedback, we came with new plans and updates.

In Mid-June, we introduced our new GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app plans

  • Free Plan - up to 10k page visits a month
  • Standard Plan (Most Popular) - from 10k - 30k page visits a month
  • Pro Plan - more than 30k page visits a month

We are super proud of The Language Browser Detection feature present in the premium plans. If your store is multilingual, our app automatically detects the language that the customer is currently using and translates the GDPR/CCPA request pages and emails into the corresponding language, which we have already translated. If the store is viewed in a non-existing language, the app uses the one set by default in the settings. Check the settings: Global Settings > Set Language For The GDPR/CCPA Requests Emails And Pages.

In August we added even more:

New features such as Cookie Information Panel were accessible for our premium plans (Standard & Pro). You can decide what type of cookies your visitors will see in the preferences popup:

Upon clicking on the arrows, your visitors can see each cookie associated with the respective category and also check the additional information listed under them as part of their description:

If you select to disable the option, this information won't show to your website visitors. 

You can add a custom cookie, add a description, and assign it to an existing category: 

And last but not least, you can Select a cookie to modify by selecting an existing cookie and edit its description and/or category.

Hide the Close Button gives you the opportunity to choose whether to have the Close button in the Cookie bar consent.

How it looks Without a Close button:

With a Close button:

Accept all/Accept selected button. Here you can choose from two options. If you click the Accept All button, your visitors will accept all cookies no matter what the Initial State Of The Cookie Consent Bar option is set to. With the second one, you can select specific cookies that you would like to accept by checking the respective checkboxes and then click on the Accept Selected button.

Dashboard & Statistics improvements can give you a clear idea about your page views and requests. Daily Accepted Policy and Daily Deletion Requests fields keep information about the received requests for the past 7 days. The Quota Limit section shows the page views you have received so far based on the total amount of views your monthly plan is supporting. The data is being updated every 6 hours, and every month, it is being reset based on the app installation date.

In conclusion, we can say this year was full of multiple updates, bug fixes, improvements, and as a Christmas gift, we reached our milestone of 10 000 merchants using our app.

A big THANK YOU for your trust and support during this challenging 2020.

Stay tuned for our future projects and in the meantime, download our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app if you haven't already

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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