11 Free Time-Saving OpenCart 2.1.x Admin Modules for Easy Management & Security

As your business grows, so will the time necessary for managing it. An increasing flow of customers, orders and revenue will require extra effort and you will need all the help you can get. With these admin modules, it will be free. They are supposed to refine the OpenCart management process, improve your web store’s security, and most of all - save you some time.

#1 SEO Meta Title Character Counter

Add a character counter to your Title tag and meta description that helps you limit the symbols you use for SEO purposes. It also counts the characters in the meta description fields in your Product, Category and Information pages.

#2 CoinGate

Your store will be able to receive payments in Euro and US dollars by accepting the Bitcoin payment method.

#3 CodeManager

Forget about FTP access or server issues and eliminate wait times. CodeManager lets developers work with store owners straight from the admin panel. Managing files and images is much simpler with this extension.

#4 OpenBay Pro

Integrate Amazon UK & US and eBay into your OpenCart store. The tool lets you sync your stock across all these platforms and manage all orders from your admin panel. It automatically updates your stock when items are sold and new stock is added.

#5 Weight Column

Show the weight of each product in a separate column on the order list when you are viewing Sales > Orders as an admin. The extension does not edit or override any of your files.

#6 Simple Login Securely

This is a security improvement for your administrator panel, with a login page only accessible with a custom secret code. You will have a custom pass key and password. The extension will disable the login access to everyone except the admin.

#7 Invoice Date

You will be able to generate an invoice date at the same time you are generating the invoice number. It displays the invoice template and order history in the admin panel.

#8 Admin Session Expire

Once you add this extension, your token will not expire during a session time-out, keeping your admin account always logged in.

#9 OpenCart System Information

System Information will deliver important info for your server, folder permission, system summary, PHP settings and other extensions to ensure your OpenCart web store is running smoothly.

#10 ErrorLogManager

No more confusing errors and inactive logs that don’t help you at all. Establish better control over your website with the ErrorLogManager. Track, group and fix errors with the actionable advice that the extension offers.

#11 ExtensionUninstaller

It’s important to keep your admin panel as clean as possible for easy operation. The ExtensionUninstaller lets you quickly remove any of the unwanted plugins and extensions you have installed. You will get a warning with all the files about to be removed for your approval.

Optimizing your workflow is a very important step that you should do early on. Running your own business is certainly exciting and fulfilling, but it also comes with a lot of concerns and tension. These modules will help you simplify some of the processes so that you can keep a clear mind and manage your business more accurately.

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