10 Extensions that Boost Sales and Revenue for Tech & Electronics Stores

In a recent article about invigorating the growth of a technology store, we presented actionable advice on some fundamental practices for stimulating more sales and conversion rates. With this blog post, we will follow up on that by presenting some tools that will put those practices into play for your OpenCart store.

Let’s start from the basics

Every E-Commerce website needs a strong filtering system for customers to narrow down results and quickly reach the products they are interested in. SimonFilters uses the AJAX filtering feature which instantly reloads the page when a customer clicks on a filtering option. This speeds up the process and adds to the store’s usability - a key user experience factor.

Customer reviews are another must for online stores. Having an integration that offers customers an intuitive and attractive reviewing experience increases the user-generated content (UGC) of your web store. This not only reassures other potential buyers that the product is worth purchasing, but also affects your credibility and SEO positively.

Tools and ideas for stimulating more sales and bigger orders


Increase the amount of every sale with custom upsale offers

Increasing sales is one thing, but increasing the amount of every sale with custom upsell offers is completely different.

Even if pop ups can be a bit of a controversy, they do get results and there has been enough data (The Easy Secret To 1,375% More Subscribers) to support their integration for E-Commerce use.

PopupUpsell lets you add custom offers that pop up whenever a user adds a product to their cart. These offers can include products that you think can be associated with the product in the cart.

Tech Example: Your customer has just picked a new camera. A perfect pop up offer can be a compatible lens or memory card to supplement the customer’s experience with the product.



One-click buy now button, skip the cart

Since technology and electronics are often expensive, consumers usually tend to think about their purchase more.

When you have an available option to buy the product now, without spending time in your cart and deliberating whether you are making the right choice or not, BuyNow sends you straight to the checkout which prompts for a quicker purchase.

The more time a customer spends on your store, thinking about the product, the bigger the chance they might think twice. “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done.” - Bruce Lee

Tech Example: Maybe one of your customers has been deliberating between two or more smartphones and has finally decided to go with Apple. BuyNow will get them straight to the checkout page so they can quickly make the purchase without any more doubt.



Get a free gift upon purchase

Not every store offers free gifts with each purchase a customer makes. This is not only a cool way to stand out from the heavy competition in tech & electronics, but also a good practice to stimulate more sales by promising customers a free gift if they make a purchase.

Offering free gifts are a proven marketing tactic. If used smartly, it can increase order size and value for customers. After all, everybody loves free stuff. Especially if they can use them.

Tech Example: If you notify a potential customer that they can receive a free gift with their purchase if the total exceeds X amount of value, they are more likely to consider making that purchase.



Smart free shipping offer

Is there a better way for prompting customers to expand their cart besides offering free shipping as a reward? The option for free shipping helps customers rationalize that making an online purchase is much better than going to the store.

60% of E-Commerce businesses say that free shipping with additional conditions is their most effective marketing methods to increase average cart order size.

Tech Example: Free shipping with conditions works well on both expensive and less expensive items. If you are buying something that costs $10, but requires you to pay an additional $5 to ship, you are most likely to think twice. Also, buying something expensive that requires you to also pay for shipping seems a bit too much.



Create Amazon-style discount bundles

Bundles are another great marketing tactic that works well for tech & electronics merchants. Since technology often needs supplemental items, ProductBundles makes it possible to combine products of your choice and offer them at a discounted price.

A good practice is to use items that are frequently bought together because this way you have a better chance of reaching a larger audience. After all, it’s rarely a good idea to sell a laptop bundled with a smartphone case. If the bundled items go well with each other, conversion possibilities go up.

Tech Example: Customers that are shopping for tech often need additional items besides their primary purchase. What does a photographer need when purchasing a camera? Batteries, lenses, memory cards, connectivity cables, etc. This is a great way to use ProductBundles and give a discounted offer.



Intelligent related products on checkout

Whether you want to manually choose the related products, or let the module pair them automatically, RelatedProductsPro will present a larger variety of your products to visitors.

Displaying items that are related to the product in the customer's cart reminds them about what they might also want. If the items are well related, this might expand the visitors’ carts as long as they find them useful and relevant enough.

Tech Example: Related products are commonly from the same category and type. For instance, if a customer has added a TV set to their cart, the related products section might display similar TVs. This way, the customer might see a product that is more appealing and purchase it instead.



Display product purchasing trends

TrendingProducts displays a tab with your most popular products for a recent period of time. This helps customers who want to learn what’s hot and use that as a reference for their buying decisions.

Visitors who are not tech savvy can find the trending products section quite useful if they are not entirely sure what they want or which is the smartest decision they can take. What the crowd is buying has a huge effect on the purchasing behavior.

Tech Example: Your tech store has just gotten a new visitor who wants to browse for electronics. They immediately notice a field with trending products and notices that many people have bought a certain type of product that they are interested in. This sparks the visitor’s interest right away.



Found a lower price?

The tech & electronics industry is one of the most price-competitive ones. Technology is far from being cheap and merchants are always trying to offer the “best prices.” Value-driven customers will always try to find the most attractive price when shopping for tech.

ComparePrices is an OpenCart solution that will offer your visitors the chance to share if they have found a better price elsewhere. This grants you the option to make them a personal offer that is better than the one they have found.

Tech Example: Since electronics and gadgets are rich with features, consumers often gather more information before purchasing, which includes browsing different stores that have more data. This also presents different pricing, and what better way to make sure that the customer makes the purchase from your store by letting them know you will beat any other offer out there?

Final words

As you see, most of the extensions are about giving customers a more convenient shopping experience that offers enough data and a variety of products. Furthermore, since pricing is one of the main issues for tech shoppers, there are tools that can address that as well. Incorporating these practices and marketing methods into your OpenCart store will simplify the purchasing decisions your customers have to make.

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