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Press Room

  • Photoslurp


      16 June 2016

    Our blog post '11 eCommerce Knowledge Sources We Recommend' was featured on Photoslurp's weekly e-commerce newsletter.

  • Ecommerce Platforms

    Ecommerce Platforms

      4 December 2015

    Our blog post '6 Leading Practices for Sale-Boosting Product Descriptions' was featured on Ecommerce Platforms blog.

  • OpenCart

      30 November 2015

    OpenCart featured iSenseLabs blogpost about 10 Vital Principles of a Successful Product Page. Check out the blogpost here.


      25 November 2015

    Our blog post 'The Art of Mastering Product Returns' was featured on Social Business Insights. The blogpost is concentrated on the most common reasons for product returns and gives some ideas on how to reduce and avoid them

  • Amasty

    Amasty Magento Blog

      18 November 2015

    Our blog post 'How to make your abandoned cart emails work: learn from examples' was posted on Amasty Magento Blog.

  • TemplateMonster


      18 November 2015

    Our blog post '13 Essential OpenCart Extensions Your Store Must Have' was posted on TemplateMonster Blog.


      11 November 2015

    Our blog post 'How QR Codes Improve Your OpenCart Store Experience' was featured on The QR Coder’s Daily. The blog post gives tips on how to improve your OpenCart store experience using QR codes.


      9 November 2015

    Our blog post 'Block unwanted bots from accessing your site' was featured on #socialcontactcenter ®®. The blog post gives tips on how to protect your site from malicious bots.


      25 October 2015

    Our blog post 'Get your customers back with AbandonedCarts' was featured on The Suffolk Page Daily. The blog post gives examples and tips on how to use one of our OpenCart extensions - AbandonedCarts.

  • Medium


      20 October 2015

    Our blog post '11 eCommerce Knowledge Sources We Recommend' was presented on Medium.


      15 October 2015

    Our blog post 'How to Grow Ecommerce Sales with OpenCart Games Module' was featured on #eCommerce Daily News. The blog post introduces one of our OpenCart extensions - Games.

  • Collection


      13 August 2015

    Our extension CodeManager was featured on Collection blog. CodeManager is a web-based IDE framework for OpenCart.

  • TemplateMonster


      29 May 2015

    Social Media Bundle, iAnalytics, Watermark were featured as part of TemplateMonster’s article on Resources for Building an Effective OpenCart Store.


      17 April 2015, the go-to place for advice on how to start your business recommends iSenseLabs Premium OpenCart themes and modules.

  • KulerThemes


      13 Apr 2015

    KulerThemes featured iSenseLabs as the go-to solutions portal.

  • Buildmyecommerce


      21 Mar 2015

    Buildmyecommerce created a Free NitroPack video tutorial.

  • OpenCart

      30 Jul 2014

    OpenCart featured iSenseLabs blogpost on NitroPack and Why speed matters for your store.

  • CartAdvisor


      7 May 2014

    CartAdvisor featured a blogpost on NitroPack and How to Speed up your OpenCart store.

  • OpenCart News


      16 Apr 2014

    OpenCart news featured iSenseLabs article on how to Migrate OpenCart to a new Server.

  • OpenCart

      18 Jul 2013 recognized iSenseLabs as #1 in January and Easter design competitions winner.

  • OpenCart

      13 Feb 2013 features an interview with iSenseLabs.

  • PracticalEcommerce


      30 Sep 2011

    PracticalEcommerce featured iSenseLabs FREE modules as part of 18 Useful Extensions for OpenCart.