Block unwanted bots from accessing your site

All kind of bots are walking around the internet these days searching for personal information or other information which is not targeted for the general public. In this article we will show you how you can protect your site from such malicious bots.
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How to rank higher on Google using OpenCart SEO pack

May 7, 2015
As an OpenCart store owner a reasonable amount of your clients get to you through Google, Bing or some other search engine, so it is really important to have a search engine friendly website. That is why you need to constantly improve your site’s pages content. Or simply put use SEO techniques.
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Slow search in OpenCart? See this.

OpenCart is a very popular free open-source ecommerce solution, which provides a rich amount of information with respect to product data. These features are great, but if you have a lot of products, they might slow down the search speed of your website. If your OpenCart site has a slow search engine, consider reading this blog post.
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