iBlog Q&A

May 9, 2017
iBlog brings a simple and straightforward blog experience to OpenCart. It features SEO URLs so search engines find and fall in love with your site content. In this Q&A session, we will discuss some of the most common questions we get asked about iBlog.
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ExcelPort Q&A

ExcelPort helps migrate data between OpenCart versions a walk in the park.
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NitroPack Q&A

April 11, 2017
Next in our series is our Q&A for NitroPack. NitroPack is designed to boost your page loading speed, increase your SEO, SEM, enhance your Google and Yahoo rankings, and improve overall user experience. Without further ado lets get going.
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PreOrder Q&A

April 4, 2017
PreOrder is a great way for any store owners who are introducing new products and run pre-orders while they don't have them in stock yet. What the module does, is that it replaces the Add-To-Cart button with Pre-Order for out of stock items. In this way clients are able to check out with the items and pay for them.
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FacebookLogin Q&A

FacebookLogin by iSenseLabs adds a Facebook login button to your desired OpenCart pages. In this Q&A below we have prepared the most commonly asked questions for Facebook login. Enjoy!
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Promotions Q&A

Today we will do a Q & A for one of our newer modules Promotions. Promotions comes with of hundreds of different options to make your store promotion unique and allows you to set up pretty much any type of promotions.
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FacebookStore Q&A

FacebookStore turns your Facebook page into a shop, where clients are able to browse through all of your products, categories already available on your OpenCart store and checkout with ease. There is no need for you to import anything and the set up of the module takes just a few minutes of your time.
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NotifyWhenAvailable Q&A

NotifyWhenAvailable notifies customers when a product that is currently out of stock goes back to stock. The module makes it easy for you to keep customers up to date with the products that they want to purchase but are unfortunately out of stock. In this Q&A we will cover some of the most common questions with our product.
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SmartNotifications Q&A

SmartNotifications is a plugin which displays notifications based on rules to your clients. The original inspiration for this module came from companies such as Agoda.com and Booking.com where the module pushes a notification that creates scarcity for your store merchandize, which leads to an impulsive purchase.
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