How to Control the Image Sizes in Your OpenCart 3

One of the steps towards creating your own style for the OpenCart store will be uploading images for your banners, products, categories and so on.
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How to Work with the OpenCart Image Manager

Uploading images in OpenCart is very easy and accessible from multiple places. You can find and open the image manager on every admin panel section where images can be added.
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5 Ways to Protect Your OpenCart Product Images From Theft

You might not think about people stealing your images every day. Sadly, the fact is that 64% of photographers have experienced image theft at least once last year.
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How to Fix Render-Blocking CSS and Optimize OpenCart Images with NitroPack

The latest versions of NitroPack have been heavily focused on stability improvements and fixing these 2 issues, which used to be hardest to deal with when optimizing for page speed.
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Speeding up OpenCart for Free: Image Optimization

How quick is your OpenCart store? Page speed and web performance are among the leading reasons that determine whether visitors of your website stay or leave. The important part here is that slowly loading pages can seriously affect your bottom line.
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NitroSmush is a whole lot better lossless image compression tool that is a great alternative for the recently shut down service by Yahoo.
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How to display pre-defined image if product doesn’t have image in OpenCart

February 19, 2015
This modification tutorial will show you how to display a pre-defined image if the product does not have an image.
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How to add store logo and product images to invoices in OpenCart 2.x

In this blog post we will show you how to add your store logo and product images to your invoices, changing the default OpenCart 2.x invoice template.
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