How to Increase Checkout Conversion in OpenCart

What makes your E-Commerce site succeed? For some stores it’s the design that lures customers into purchasing more, for others it’s smart conversion tactics and content. Whatever you’re focusing on, the checkout process is considered the end of the funnel and hence a part where you need to focus twice as much.
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AutoDetect Q&A

AutoDetect will automatically detect your customers’ language and currency based on the rules you have set in your administration.
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FreeShippingTeaser Q&A

FreeShippingTeaser for OpenCart is a great way to entice clients to spend just a little bit extra in order to get free shipping.
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How to Get More Customers to Comment on Your OpenCart Products

How to get more customers to leave comments and reviews on your products in OpenCart?
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iBlog Q&A

May 9, 2017
iBlog brings a simple and straightforward blog experience to OpenCart. It features SEO URLs so search engines find and fall in love with your site content. In this Q&A session, we will discuss some of the most common questions we get asked about iBlog.
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Introducing Our Updated Product Documentations

Readable and user-friendly software documentations make a real difference for any digital product.
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SEO Backpack Q&A

May 2, 2017
View the most commonly asked questions about SEO Backpack, our newest OpenCart extension.
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[iSenseLabs Weekly 60] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News

Our Weekly posts turn 60 today! Sharing all of our OpenCart module updates with you is a pleasure for us and we hope you find these posts useful.
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How to Setup URL Redirects in OpenCart (With and Without Extensions)

April 27, 2017
Every website can come at a point where there are a few broken links, some outdated content or removed pages. All of that leaves some links that need to be redirected to working pages with relevant content.
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