Speed Up Your OpenCart Store with NitroPack

A fast website is just like breathing - it is something that we assume will work out of the box. It is only when are deprived from what we take for granted, that we are realize how essential it is. Seriously, a fast website is certainly not something we usually hear people bragging about, because this is what a website should be - fast.
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January 7, 2014
2013 has been a robust and full of challenges year for our company. Read on to find out more.
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Powerful Feefo OpenCart Integration

December 14, 2013
Feefo is an independent feedback service used by companies that care about honesty, integrity and doing the best that they can for their customers. Most of all, they are companies that are prepared to listen to what you, their customers, have to say. Now integrated with OpenCart.
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Step-by-Step OpenCart Migration to a New Server

OpenCart is one of the simplest and loveliest e-commerce platforms. In this blogpost we want to present a detailed step-by-step guide of the necessary steps you need to take in order to migrate your OpenCart store to a new server.
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Our OpenCart Themes Showcased at London Expo

October 30, 2013
iSenseLabs' Gadgeteric and MultiStore OpenCart competition winning themes were proudly chosen as official showcase themes for OpenCart. It is a moment worth sharing and enjoying together...
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Better OpenCart User Experience - Previous/Next Buttons

PreviousNextProduct is a useful tool adding Previous and Next product buttons on your OpenCart product pages. Let's face it, your web store visitors time is highly valuable. Every second they spend on your website is your moment to shine and offer them something unique at a great price. Providing a smooth ...
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1st Prize in the OpenCart Easter Theme Competition

Our responsive theme Gadgeteric won the 1st Prize in the OpenCart Easter Theme Competition. We would like to dedicate a round of applause and our sincerest kudos to everybody who supported us...
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iSenseLabs wins 1st prize in OpenCart design Competition

Our responsive theme MultiStore, won the 1st prize for the theme design competition hosted by OpenCart.
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How to Edit/Delete Powered by OpenCart in Your Default Theme

January 29, 2013
When operating an e-store in OpenCart sometimes store owners want to edit or delete Powered by OpenCart title, which is positioned right below in the footer. Usually to enhance presentation they put their store name or completely get rid of the title for various reasons. In this tutorial we will lead you through the necessary steps on how to edit and delete the Powered by OpenCart.
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Using iCustomFooter in Multilingual environment

January 18, 2013
International web store owners, running more than one language on their OpenCart store can strongly benefit from the multi language support of iCustomFooter. This blogpost is aimed as a quick tutorial on how to set up iCustomFooter for your second/third/fourth etc languages.
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